Every automotive repair company claims to want your fleet business - why wouldn't they? - but not every shop understands the unique needs of a business operating a fleet of company vehicles.

At Tools in Motion, we've actually built our business on taking care of small to medium sized companies with fleets ranging from five to one hundred vehicles, and fleet maintenance still makes up a large amount of what we do. Here are some reasons why we may be the best choice for your fleet maintenance needs:

  • We only use good quality parts, quality filters and original equipment fluids - no aftermarket 'multi-vehicle' fluids - in every vehicle. Since the goal of your maintenance program is to make your vehicles last longer and break down less, we feel you'll appreciate us doing these little things right.
  • We also service most medium duty trucks (such as Ford F-450/F-550 and Ram 4500/5500).

NOTE: We do not offer financing to fleet or other customers, under any circumstances. All work will have to be paid for in full at the time of vehicle pick-up.

"Helped me out without hesitation when I was in a jam today in -25 weather and didn't even charge me for the part. I was so grateful and so glad I found this place! I will definitely be coming back and will also be recommending them to everyone else I know. Thank you!!"
- Stephanie S, Airdrie

"Great service. These guys will tell you the truth and work with you rather than feed you mis information or unnecessary repairs."
- Carl P, Airdrie

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